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Support for Interfirst Mortgage Company borrowers

Interfirst Mortgage Company
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Interfirst Mortgage Company hours of operation

Monday - Friday : 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CST Saturday - Sunday : Closed

If your loan has closed and you would like to access your account details, please click on the link below. 

ServiceMac Customers

To speak with a ServiceMac agent, please call 855.808.4651 or email at support@myinterfirstservicing.com.

Have Questions?

  • What is mortgage servicing?

Mortgage servicing occurs after the mortgage application is completed and the loan is closed and funded. Mortgage servicers receive and track payments, sending missed payment reminders if necessary.

  • Who will service my loan?

Your new mortgage loan servicer is an Interfirst Mortgage Company partner is ServiceMac, operating on behalf of and in the name of Interfirst Mortgage Company. This relationship is called “Private Label Servicing” and should be a seamless experience for you.

  • Will my loan be sold in the future?

It might be. However, if this happens, you will be contacted by your new mortgage servicer. Transfers of mortgage servicing is a common practice in the mortgage industry and will not impact your initial mortgage loan agreement in any way. If your servicing is transferred, you will receive a Notice of Servicing Transfer from your new servicing partner.

  • Can I see my account and make a payment online?

Within two weeks of closing, your loan information will be provided to your new loan servicer, ServiceMac. ServiceMac customers will receive a welcome email which will provide initial information regarding your new mortgage loan, such as your payment address and phone number. Once you receive your welcome information, you may access your account online by selecting the link above.