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[{ "loanTerm": 10, "interestRate": 2.625 }, { "loanTerm": 15, "interestRate": 2.75 }, { "loanTerm": 20, "interestRate": 3.0 }, { "loanTerm": 30, "interestRate": 3.125 }]
[{ "loanTerm": 10, "interestRate": 2.625 }, { "loanTerm": 15, "interestRate": 2.75 }, { "loanTerm": 20, "interestRate": 3.0 }, { "loanTerm": 30, "interestRate": 3.125 }]
{ "title": "Apply now to lock in your rate", "href": "https://apply.interfirst.com/#/journey" }
{ "title": "Let’s Talk", "href": "/contact-us" }
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Sample payment does not include amounts for taxes, insurances or assessments (if applicable). Your actual payment obligation may be higher. Payments based on selected parameter(s) (10, 15, 20 or 30 year, fixed term). Actual rates may vary and may not be available in all states. Rates, points, fees and APR may be adjusted or changed based upon individual loan characteristics including, but not limited to, loan type, loan amount, property characteristics (State/location, occupancy type, property type, etc.), loan to value and applicant qualifications. Loan terms subject to change based upon information provided and collected during application. This is not an offer to lend or a guarantee of approval.

Mortgage rates, subject to the above, are based upon these assumptions:

  • Conforming loan amount of $250,000 (or greater)
  • Rate-term refinance
  • Single-family, primary residence
  • 80% Loan-to-value (20% equity/down payment)

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Our [Interfirst Mortgage Company] rep was always easy to reach when we needed help fast. When issues came up, and we had a number of them, from home repairs to changing lenders, she guided us through the process and we felt like VIP

Samantha W., Estes Park, CO


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It was the most wonderful experience I've had with a mortgage lender ever in my life. I've done 7 or 8 various mortgages or more over the course of my lifetime. They just made it so easy, so simple. Everybody was cooperative and helpful.

Ron A., FL


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Highly recommend [Interfirst Mortgage Company] for your refi. So patient and helpful with me - I knew nothing about what I was doing. They always explained everything and made time to walk me through the ins and outs. We also got an great rate! I would work with them again. A+

Zola J., Lafayette, LA


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Our whole home buying experience with our [Interfirst Mortgage Company] agent was amazing. She made us feel confident about our decision, and made us feel taken care of. She was patient and genuinely wanted us to succeed. Her response time was impeccable and thank you! for taking the stress off the experience. We will for sure be recommending.

Carlo M., Rockford, IL


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