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Interfirst Mortgage Company is improving the way consumers obtain residential mortgages and our technology is paving the way for licensed loan officers to deliver real value, service and follow through. Interfirst's leadership team has more than 100 years of mortgage, sales/marketing, and consumer related experience to deliver value to our partners and customers ever day.


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Whether you are a customer, a business partner, or a vendor, we value our relationship with you and strive to provide the best in service, pricing and support.

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At Interfirst Mortgage Company, our goal is to provide our customers and business partners with the strongest base possible--like the base of a pyramid--to do business. We strive to create a superb lending experience for customers who work with us. Our success simply would not be possible without our borrowers and partners who trust us with their valuable real estate and support us with referrals and positive reviews.

Join thousands of happy homeowners like Samantha of Estes Park, CO  who chose Interfirst for best rates and service

Our [Interfirst Mortgage Company] rep was always easy to reach when we needed help fast. When issues came up, and we had a number of them, from home repairs to changing lenders, she guided us through the process and we felt like VIP

Samantha W., Estes Park, CO


Join thousands of happy homeowners like Zola of Lafayette, LA who chose Interfirst for best rates and service

Highly recommend Interfirst for your refi. So patient and helpful with me - I knew nothing about what I was doing. They always explained everything and made time to walk me through the ins and outs. We also got an great rate! I would work with them again. A+

Zola J., Lafayette, LA


Join thousands of happy homeowners like Carlo of Rockford, IL who chose Interfirst for best rates and service

Our whole home buying experience with our Interfirst agent was amazing. She made us feel confident about our decision, and she laid the path to our home owning success. she was patient and genuinely wanted us to succeed. Her response time was impeccable and thank you! for taking the stress off the experience. We will for sure be recommending you.

Carlo M., Rockford, IL